What is Reiki?

I am a Master Reiki Healer and member of Reiki NZ Inc. (the professional organisation for Reiki practitioners and teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand).

The Reiki sessions are held at my studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland.




What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a Japanese word meaning Spiritual Energy. Reiki is a unique frequency of healing energy.

During a Reiki session, the Reiki energy is administered to you through the "laying of hands across the body from head to toe." The Reiki energy is distributed across all the Chakras (energy centers) in your body. This is a Japanese technique that has been used for centuries. The Reiki energy helps to clear any stagnant energy in the body and promotes feelings of relaxation and stress relief. This technique encompasses mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. The full list of benefits are listed at the end of this page.

Clients often feel refreshed and relaxed after a Reiki session. I recommend having a Reiki session if you feel stagnant, stressed, anxious or feel 'stuck'. Sometimes energy is built up in the body without us realising it. Reiki allows negative energy to be cleared so we can start new again.



1 hour - $110 - The session begins with a 5 minute consultation. This is followed by 50 minutes of Reiki Healing and any intuitive messages.

1 hour 30 minutes - $155 - The session includes a consultation, 1 hour of Reiki healing, intuitive messages and 15-20 minutes of energy guidance.

You have the option to receive a crystal intuitively chosen for you after the healing, based on the needs of the session for $5.99. You can choose this option when you are selecting a time.

We have a Marama VIP Rewards scheme which allows you to receive free gifts after booking multiple sessions - more information here.


The benefits of Reiki include:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Releases stagnant energy and blockages
  • Clears and balance chakra centres
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases motivation and positivity
  • Provides clarity and inner truth
  • Increases natural vibration
  • Increases psychic abilities and intuition
  • Promotes deep relaxation and calm
  • Assists with insomnia and sleep
  • Deeply relaxes the nervous system


Reiki FAQ:

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: I would recommend arriving 5 minutes before your booking time, to ensure you get your full allocated slot.

Q: Where are the sessions held?

A: They are held at my studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland (12 Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn). The address details will be given upon receipt of a booking.

Q: What happens during a session?

A: During the session you will be full clothed on the Reiki treatment table, Reiki works energetically and is a non-invasive treatment. The practitioner's hands will be placed lightly on certain areas, including the head, shoulders, abdomen, hips, and legs.

Q: What should I wear?

A: I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and to avoid eating a big meal or drinking coffee 2 hours before the treatment. No alcohol should be consumed on the day of a treatment. 

Q: What happens after?

A: Afterwards you may feel very relaxed, some clients fall asleep during a treatment (you will still receive the Reiki benefits whilst asleep). Sometimes the Reiki will release emotions and suppressed feelings. It's best to relax after a Reiki session, drink plenty of water and be gentle with yourself. I recommend having no social events afterwards, so you can integrate what came up for you during the session.

 Q: Can I purchase crystals with my Reiki booking and then pick them up at my session?

A: Yes absolutely! Add the crystals to your cart alongside the Reiki booking and I will pack this up and have it ready at your session.

Q: How many sessions should I get?

A: Reiki healing is cumulative meaning additional sessions add to more healing. Generally, my clients come in once a month for a maintenance session, which keeps their energy feeling clear and vibrant. I also have clients who come in once every 2 weeks or once every 6 months so it is completely up to you and where you are at in your healing journey, book when you feel called ♡.

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: Click here for our cancellation policy. We have a strict cancellation policy to ensure that others can be healed in your place. Thanks so much for understanding.