Marama VIP Rewards

We love our Reiki and Breathwork customers! To say thank you, we have a loyalty reward scheme which allows you to receive free gifts along our journey. Below are the fixed rewards, we will also have free pop-up gifts for VIP members throughout the year.


 Session #


3rd Session

Receive a 10% VIP discount to use on all Reiki Healings or Breathwork sessions going forward

5th Session

Receive a FREE Breathwork Session Voucher (option of 35 mins or 1 hour depending on your experience)

7th Session

Receive a FREE Marama Wellness Gift Pack

10th Session

Receive a FREE Reiki Healing or Breathwork Journey Voucher valued up to $155

After your 10th session, you will keep receiving a $155 Reiki Healing/Breathwork Voucher every 10 sessions, alongside any free pop-up gifts throughout the year. The vouchers will be emailed to you every 10 sessions.

How it works:

The discount/voucher will be emailed to you after you have booked your session. For example, after booking your 3rd Reiki session, you will receive the usual confirmation email and an additional email with your 10% VIP discount to use going forward.

For the free gift pack, after you have booked your 7th session, you will receive an email confirming you have received the MW Gift Pack. This will be ready for you to take home when you come in for your 7th session.

How to claim:

Discounts/vouchers will be automatically emailed to you. If you did not receive an email after hitting a milestone please email me so I can either send the voucher to you or have this ready for you at your next session.

Much love,

Sian x