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1:1 Deep Breathe - 1 hour 30 mins

1:1 Deep Breathe - 1 hour 30 mins

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Have a 1:1 Deep Breathe with me to release stress and suppressed emotions from the body. This is a truly transformative session and is recommended for those who have done Breathwork before and want to dive deeper with the breath.

The session begins with a brief consultation and explanation of what to expect. Followed by 45 minutes of breathwork, 10 minutes of meditation/sound bowl healing and your choice of Forage & Bloom Organic Tea.

Deep breathes are facilitated on a yoga mat to allow for movement and somatic body work. I will guide you through the whole journey and will assist with energy/somatic body work where there are blockages.

I am a Qualified Breathwork Practitioner through Cool 2Be Conscious.

How to Book:

1.  Click 'Select a time', choose a time that suits you, checkout and pay.

2. You will receive a confirmation email with the address of the session and things to note before our session.


Q: Do I need to bring anything? What should I wear?
A: Just bring yourself and wear comfortable loose clothing. Avoid drinking coffee and eating food 3 hours before the session (this allows for a deeper experience - if you feel called to fast for longer please do). No alcohol/recreational drugs should be consumed on the day of the breathe.

Q: I've never done breathwork before, is this for me?
A: I would recommend the Intro session if you are a complete beginner and this longer session after you have tried breathwork a few times and want to dive deeper with the breath.

Q: What happens in a session?
A: We will have a brief discussion and a refresher on the breathwork technique. This flows into the breathwork journey, where you will be lying down on the yoga mat with a blanket on top of you. You will be breathing to a specially curated playlist which will take you on a journey. I will facilitate the breathe and use somatic body work/energy work where needed. After the breathwork, you will remain lying down during the meditation where you return to your normal breathing pattern, letting the healing frequencies wash over. After, I will guide you back into the space and will have you sit up for some Organic tea and a discussion to wrap up the session.

Q: How will I feel? I'm nervous...
A: During the breathwork you may feel tingles in your body, heat and some lightheadedness. This is normal as we are changing the pH in the body and increasing our oxygen levels. Comfort is key and you will feel safe to fully let go and enjoy the experience.

Q: How will I feel afterwards?
A: You will feel lighter, calmer and relaxed. If you have had a big release of emotions you may feel tender afterwards, it is recommended to get into nature and go outside after a session to integrate. Often clients feel 'floaty' and euphoric due to the altered state of consciousness. I recommend not having any social events planned after the session, so you can go home and journal what came up for you during the session.

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