Reiki FAQ

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: I would recommend arriving 5 minutes before your booking time, to ensure you get your full allocated slot.

Q: Where are the sessions held?

A: They are held at my studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland (12 Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn). The address details will be given upon receipt of a booking.

Q: What happens during a session?

A: During the session you will be full clothed on the Reiki treatment table, Reiki works energetically and is a non-invasive treatment. The practitioner's hands will be placed lightly on certain areas, including the head, shoulders, abdomen, hips, and legs.

Q: What should I wear?

A: I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and to avoid eating a big meal or drinking coffee 2 hours before the treatment. No alcohol should be consumed on the day of a treatment. 

Q: What happens after?

A: Afterwards you may feel very relaxed, some clients fall asleep during a treatment (you will still receive the Reiki benefits whilst asleep). Sometimes the Reiki will release emotions and suppressed feelings. It's best to relax after a Reiki session, drink plenty of water and be gentle with yourself. I recommend having no social events afterwards, so you can integrate what came up for you during the session.

 Q: Can I purchase crystals with my Reiki booking and then pick them up at my session?

A: Yes absolutely! Add the crystals to your cart alongside the Reiki booking and I will pack this up and have it ready at your session.

Q: How many sessions should I get?

A: Reiki healing is cumulative meaning additional sessions add to more healing. Generally, my clients come in once a month for a maintenance session, which keeps their energy feeling clear and vibrant. I also have clients who come in once every 2 weeks or once every 6 months so it is completely up to you and where you are at in your healing journey, book when you feel called ♡.

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: Click here for our cancellation policy. We have a strict cancellation policy to ensure that others can be healed in your place. Thanks so much for understanding.