The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide!

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide!

Crystals are the perfect gift that will last a lifetime. These gifts include our best selling items that sell out every Xmas season. A beautiful present that your loved one will treasure.

1.Rose Quartz Gua Sha - $32

Find it in the Self Love Box or on its own. The gua sha is a massaging tool used to increase lymphatic drainage, increase collagen production and decrease fine lines. A popular self care tool.

2. Rose Quartz Bracelet - $29.99

Wear your crystals ever day with a gorgeous bracelet. Rose Quartz is the crystal of self-love, compassion and emotional healing. A beautiful crystal to keep with you everyday.

3. Star Sign Crystal Kit - $34

Choose a crystal kit that is specifically tailored to their star sign! A super thoughtful gift that someone will love. Comes with 4 large high quality tumble stones and an information card detailing what the crystals mean.

4. The Calm Kit - $34

Have a friend who needs some calm in their life? This kit is perfect for our loved ones who are super busy and always on the go. The calm allows us to slow the mind and create space for inner peace.

5. Amethyst 18k Gold Plated Necklace - $59

This necklace always sells out at Xmas time! A stunning purple Amethyst pendant on a gold plated chain. The perfect summery necklace with the most calming vibes from the Amethyst. I wear mine everyday!

6. The Essentials Box - $49

The BEST introduction to crystals. This kit includes everything you need to get started. 4 of the best beginner crystals with a white sage stick to cleanse your energy and space. 


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