The BEST four crystals for beginners!

The BEST four crystals for beginners!

What crystals should everyone have in their collection? Where is a good place to start if you're new to crystals?

I have listed below four MUST-HAVE crystals that everyone should own. These are the fundamentals that I recommend to anyone starting out their collection.

1. Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline - Protection & Grounding

Crystals: Protection KitSmokey Quartz Tumble

These crystals absorb negative energy and act as protection for your energy.

Protecting your energy is super important, especially when we interact with different people during the day who may offload their negative energy onto us. These crystals help to keep you grounded and make you feel secure and connected to the earth. This helps to ground your energy and balances the Root Chakra. 

These crystals are commonly used when travelling or on bedside tables/around the home as protection. Put a Black Tourmaline tumble stone under your pillow if you are getting bad dreams.

2. Rose Quartz - Love 

Crystals: Rose Quartz Tumble Stones & The Love Kit.

Rose Quartz is the universal crystal of unconditional love, one of the highest vibrations in the universe. Bringing unconditional love into your life provides comfort, inner peace, self-love and happiness. Rose Quartz has an amazing vibration and feels good to hold. 

Rose Quartz opens and purifies the heart chakra. This provides deep healing and comfort during times of grief and sadness.

Rose Quartz increases self-love, which in turns attracts romance and compassion in your life. 

Hold this when you first wake up or when you're in need of comfort.

3. Amethyst - Intuition

CrystalsAmethyst Tumble Stones, the Calm Kit.

Amethyst is the ultimate crystal for inner peace and balance. Amethyst soothes any worries and brings your mind back to center. The perfect all round crystal to quieten your mind.

Amethyst helps to activate your spiritual awareness and increases your intuition, therefore making it powerful in meditation. 

Amethyst balances your Crown Chakra and connects you to your higher self.

Hold Amethyst whilst meditating or when you want to quieten your mind.

4. Citrine - Abundance & Positivity

Crystal: Citrine Tumble Stone & Citrine in the Abundance Kit.

Citrine is the crystal of positivity, abundance and self-confidence. It is a joyful crystal which helps to fast track manifestations and positive desires.

Citrine is the perfect manifesting crystal as it raises your vibration. 

Citrine balances the Solar Plexus Chakra, it promotes self-confidence, high self-esteem and increases your inner power.

Hold citrine when you want a burst of positive energy or use in the morning whilst you repeat your positive affirmations! It's a game changer.

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