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Marama Crystals

Pink Banded Calcite Tower

Pink Banded Calcite Tower

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Price is for 1 x Tower.

A rare and stunning crystal. It is a bit more expensive than your usual tower due to its rarity and beautiful layered patterns. The layers are eye catching and soothing. 

Chakra: Heart

Healing properties:

  • A heart-soothing crystal
  • Balances intense emotions
  • Helps you let go of the past so you can move forward 
  • Alleviates anxiety and fear

8cm tall x 3cm wide 
These are lot taller and chunkier than our normal points. A perfect statement piece.

Price includes:

  • 1 x beautiful A grade Tower
  • Keepsake Velvet pouch 
  • Free NZ Express Shipping
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