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1:1 Intro to Breathwork - 45 minutes

1:1 Intro to Breathwork - 45 minutes

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Have an introduction 1:1 Breathwork session with me at my studio in Grey Lynn. Please note this can also be done over Zoom if you live outside of Auckland, just let me know in the order notes.

The session starts with a 5-10 minute consultation and explanation of how to do breathwork. Followed by 10 minutes of breathwork, 8 minutes of meditation and a discussion over Organic Tea.

Includes a nourishing Organic Tea selection from Forage + Bloom. Allow 45 minutes from start to finish.

These sessions are not just for beginners and can be done weekly or fortnightly as a maintenance session.

I am a Qualified Breathwork Practitioner and trained with Cool2BeConscious.

How to Book:

1.  Click 'Select a time', choose a time that suits you, checkout and pay.

2. You will receive a confirmation email with the address of the session and things to note before our session.


Q: Do I need to bring anything? What should I wear?
A: Just bring yourself and wear comfortable loose clothing. Avoid drinking coffee and eating food 2 hours before the session. No alcohol should be consumed on the day of treatment.

Q: I've never done breathwork before, is this for me?
A: Yes absolutely! This is for complete beginners. I will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Q: What happens in a session?
A: We will have a brief discussion and I will teach you how to do the breathwork technique. This flows into the breathwork journey, where you will be lying down on the comfy Reiki table with a blanket on top of you. You will be breathing to a rhythmic playlist of music. After the breathwork, you will remain lying down during the meditation where you return to your normal breathing pattern, letting the healing frequencies wash over. After, I will guide you back into the space and will have you sit up for some Organic tea and a discussion to wrap up the session.

Q: How will I feel during the session? I'm nervous...

A: During the breathwork you may feel tingles in your body, heat and some lightheadedness. This is normal as we are changing the pH in the body and increasing our oxygen levels. Comfort is key and you will feel safe to fully let go and enjoy the experience.

Q: How will I feel afterwards?
A: You will feel lighter, calmer and relaxed. Often clients feel 'floaty' or euphoric due to the altered state of consciousness. I recommend not having any social events planned after the session, so you can go home and integrate what came up for you during the session.

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