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Marama Crystals

Selenite Square Charging Plate

Selenite Square Charging Plate

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Selenite is a purifying crystal used to cleanse and charge other crystals due to its naturally high vibrations. 

Selenite Square Charging Plate
This beautiful square can be used as a crystal charging plate. Simply place your generator or tumble stones on the plate overnight to cleanse & re-charge the energy. 

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that aids in spiritual growth. It opens the crown chakra and connects you to higher levels of consciousness. It is a deeply calming crystal that instills peace and tranquility. Selenite is an essential to have in your collection.

Note: Selenite should not be exposed to water.

Included in purchase:

  • Beautiful Selenite Square Charging Plate with signature wrapping
  • Marama Crystals eco-gift box (in a larger size to accommodate the plate)

Gift Wrapping Available - we can wrap your gift box in beautiful white ribbon & write a message. Please let me know in the order notes if you are sending a gift alongside a message ♡

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