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Selenite Charging Bowl - Large

Selenite Charging Bowl - Large

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Selenite is a purifying crystal used to cleanse and charge other crystals due to its naturally high vibrations. 

Selenite Bowl
This beautiful hand crafted bowl can be used to hold tumble stones and jewellery. I personally like to keep my favourite tumble stones in my Selenite Bowl to cleanse and re-charge them daily. 

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that aids in spiritual growth. It opens the crown chakra and connects you to higher levels of consciousness. It is a deeply calming crystal that instills peace and tranquility. Selenite is an essential to have in your collection.

There may be small grey inclusions on the bowl as pictured which is normal for Selenite.

Included in purchase:

  • 1 x Beautiful Selenite Charging Bowl with signature wrapping
  • Marama Crystals large eco gift box 
  • Information card detailing the properties of Selenite
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